dream flood


by Anežka Hošková & Anders Grønlien

Digital print on vinyl

400 x 1100 cm

Luxfer Open Space
Maloskalická 40, Česká Skalice

Czech Republic

Photography by: Lukáš Jasanský


The gaze of reality is constantly observing us.
Through our actions we are constantly evaluated by it in a continuous present.
A present that has been the same for ever and includes all of history in an infinite transformation of energy.

In this constant transformation the concept of
time is just memory and memories are not unlike dreams.
So much around us is constructed by memory, it is the birthplace of all technology.

We are also something behind our memory catalogue of actions.
Infinite beings in our imaginations.
to separate our conscious from our subconscious
Is like an invisible line drawn in the air as if there ever was a clear separation between the two. Some kind of ignorant gesture that we are forced to relate to.
Conformity in the service of the common good demands a degree of distinction between the two.

Yet hidden within that, is a great space, where we can move freely within a united conscious and the subconscious. Our spirit world rising, a secret dream flood in which our actions as they are observed by reality are submerged.