CMYK tennis


17. 8. – 18. 9. 2023

Curated by Roman Rejhold

Luxfer Open Space

Česká Skalice, Czech Republic

CMYK Tennis

During my residency at Luxfer Open Space I spent twelve days in in Česká Skalice, Czech Republic together with my 8 year old son who is very interested in tennis.

On our way to the Czech Republic my son and I discussed what would be an interesting project to do together during our stay in Česká Skalice. My son wanted to play tennis and I wanted to paint, so we decided to make a project which combined the two activities.

In order to explain to my son the CMYK printing process, we decided to cover the floor in the white cube studio with a protecting film, and we mounted 3 pieces of paper on the end wall of the studio.

Each day my son would play tennis against the wall with one colour for each day, soaking the tennis balls in liquid paint and shooting it against the papers as target practice.

We started with soaking the tennis balls in yellow semitransparent acrylic paint and filled the three papers with dots. We then let the paint dry until the next day we would proceed with blue dots the next day and then repeated this process with red and black.

the resulting image produces a large variety of colours of overlapping dots which produces an image which can be considered to exist somewhere between tennis, painting, printmaking and photography in an expanded sense.

During the process I would explain to my son how different coloured dots on top of each other works to produce photographic images and we would look at childrens books with a magnifying glass in order to see the CMYK raster printing technique used to reproduce the photographic images.